Aditi Bhatia-Kalluri


Aditi Bhatia-Kalluri is a fourth-year Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. Her Ph.D. research looks at mobile phone penetration and usage, especially financial inclusion and digital payments, in developing nations. Research focuses on the ways digital policies in India shape information practices such as the adoption of e-banking and e-commerce for micro-entrepreneurs in rural communities. Research would track adaptation to mobile phones by auditing everyday user challenges in cashless transactions and find gaps that lead to information asymmetry.

Ph.D. in Information, 2023 (Anticipated)
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
Advanced University Teaching Preparation Certificate, 2022
Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation, University of Toronto
Masters’ in Digital Media, 2015
Ryerson University
B.A. Hon in New Media Studies, 2014
Department of Art, Media and Culture, University of Toronto
New Media Design Certification with Honours, 2013
Centennial College

☞ Platforms
☞ Digital finance
☞ Information, Communication, Technology for Development (ICTD)
☞ Political economy


Curriculum Vitae

2022, Inequality Panel, Graduate South Asia Conference by Canada India Research Centre for Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE)
☞ Rise of the Digital Financial Ecosystem in India: The Political Economy of Platforms, Gaps and Trends for Development

2022, Digital Inclusion Panel, International Communication Association (ICA) Virtual Post-conference on Media Sociology
☞ Aadhaar Biometric System Adding Value To Digital Payments For Financial Inclusion In India

2022, Interacting with Smart Tech Panel, Canadian Communication Conference (CCA)
☞ Aadhaar Biometric System Adding Value To Digital Payments For Financial Inclusion In India

2021, Rural Communication Panel, International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference (IAMCR)
☞ E-commerce for Rural Micro-Entrepreneurs: Mapping Restrictions, Ecologies of Use and Trends for Development

2021, Infrastructural Temporalities, Canadian Communication Conference (CCA)
☞ History of Information Communications in India: Mapping developmental trajectory of telegraph, telephones, and mobile phones (1851- Present.)

2021, Consumerism Panel, Communication Graduate Caucus (CGC) Conference
☞ Role of COVID-19 Pandemic in Facilitating Digital Payment Ecosystem

2020, Biosciences and Analytics Panel, What is Information?
☞ Role of Aadhaar Biometric System Within the Digital Payment Transformation in India.

2019, ICTs for Community, Participation and Development Panel, Canadian Communication Conference (CCA)
☞ Intersectionality: Investigating Intersectionality as a Framework for ICTs Research.

Fall 2021 & 2020, Co-Instructor, Senior Seminar in Arts and Media,
☞ Department of Arts, Culture and Media, University of Toronto Scarborough

Winter 2020, Instructor, Experience Design II,
☞ School of Media Studies & Information Technology, Humber College

Fall 2019, Experience Design I,
☞ School of Media Studies & Information Technology, Humber College

Fall 2019, Emerging Multimedia Practice I,
☞ School of Media Studies & Information Technology, Humber College

Fall 2018 to Present, Teaching Assistant, 40+ positions at UofT’s iSchool for graduate courses,
☞ UofT Scarborough and Mississauga for the undergraduate course.

2021, Ranjit Kumar Graduate Fellowship Recipient,
☞ University of Toronto

2021, Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Recipient,
☞ Government of Ontario, Canada

2009, Silicon Valley College Success Scholarship,
☞ College Access Foundation of California, U.S.A

2009, Artistic Discovery Contest Winner,
☞ Congressional Art Competition, Washington DC, U.S.A

2008, Cosmos Intel Research Award Recipient,
☞ University of California, Santa Cruz

☞ [Upcoming] Bhatia-Kalluri, A., & Caraway, B. (2023)."Transformation of the Digital Payment Ecosystem in India: A Case Study of Paytm." Expanding the Boundaries of Digital Inclusion: Perspectives From Network Peripheries and Non-Adopters. Social Inclusion.

☞ Bhatia-Kalluri, A. (2020). "Book Review: A Village Goes Mobile: Telephony, Mediation, and Social Change in Rural India." Canadian Journal of Communication, 45(1). doi: